In 2006 the Coraopolis Community Development Foundation (CCDF) purchased the Coraopolis Train Station. The goal is to completely restore it, while retaining its unique character and architecture, and transform it into a multi-use community center. 


Our Mission

The CCDF was organized in October of 2006 as an IRS-recognized, 501c3 non-profit dedicated to the awakening and rebirth of the once-vibrant Coraopolis community through a two-fold focus of Community Service and Community Development. We particularly emphasize projects which strengthen the relational fabric within the community, partnering on projects whose value is located both in the final result of additional community services and gathering-spaces, as well as the process of coming together to create them. 

The CCDF’s policies, programs, and projects are being developed and implemented entirely by an unpaid Board of Directors, other members of the organization, and interested community members. This group seeks to work closely with town businesspeople, residents and officials to identify and implement those projects deemed most congruent with our mission.

COMMUNITY Volunteers

In addition to the CCDF and train station team volunteers, the community has pulled together and pitched in, providing manual labor and expertise in order to minimize the cost of achieving our vision.